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Message: Sally was able to place my mum in a very good care home following a hospital admission and a previous stay in a not so good care home.
As a result my mum had the best quality of life and end of life experience we could have hoped for.
Sally supported me throughout this very difficult process and I will never be able to thank her enough.
When I needed someone in the care system with integrity and compassion Sally was there. Thank you.  

September 2020

dementia care review

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease there are very few people who you can turn to for advice. I ended up taking care of my Wife alone, with regular visits from a psychiatric Nurse and then visits to an associate specialist this went on for four years until my wife was taken into hospital. After two weeks in hospital I was informed that she was not fit for me to have at home and they would find a care home for her.


The home they chose was very close to our home and I was pleased because I could visit every day. It did not take me ln to find out that this home was awful.


I carried out some research and found Sally Matthews. Here was a person who understood the stress that people like me where under. I remember having three discussions with Sally. She had found me a home. My wife and I went to visit and had lunch there. Phyllis was able to choose a room and we both agreed that this would be better for both of us. I cannot thank you enough Peter DEC

We as a family we had no idea that we could have moved care homes even when our Mum is totally social services funded. Thank you Consultancy4Care for your invaluable advice and assisting with getting Mum in a better home. We cannot recommend enough Consultancy4Care JE Oct 2019

Thank you Sally at consultancy 4 care; my mum is now beginning to feel happier in herself and more confident as she adjusts to life with without Dad by her side. Mum loves your visits and personal trips out. Thanks for doing the attendance allowance forms too. TS August 2019

Sally Matthews  is a great asset to have on your side when dealing with a crisis. She is very approachable, confident, knowledgeable and grasps the situation immediately. She understands the difficulties facing families in clinical crisis providing guidance, direction and support as appropriate. If in need call her!

Keith D. July 19

Sally gave me some much needed impartial advice after meeting my mum who has vascular dementia.. she confirmed what I was thinking that the continuation of part time care was not an option.

As a result of Sally’s advice my mother is now in a happier,safer environment within her own home with a full time carer.

Thank you for all your help & support Sally.    T.A July 2019

As a family we have known Sally for over 10 years and she has always been extremely professional in providing valued advice to us all since my Father's diagnosis with Parkinsons disease. 

Her advice has addressed both financial and practical issues in handling the increasing demands as our Father gets older. Sally has also been instrumental in identifying and securing the best possible home that we could have wished for to keep him happy and contented.

We are extremely grateful to Sally and have no hesitation in recommending her services to families in need of similar advice. 

Rupert and Theo W June 2019 

Thank you Sally for your very professional service; it’s been a pleasure to have the comfort and guidance of your knowledge to hand. Mum is now settled in and making new friends.

We Highly recommend Consultancy4Care.  Jeremy.    May 2019

Dear Sally,

Just a note to say that thank you so much for the support, knowledge and guidance you gave my family at such a difficult time in our lives.

Dad’s quality of life has now improved greatly as he enjoys a worry-free independent life once more, he also looks forward to his weekly visit to Mum as his conscience knows he has done the best for Mum as she is now cared for professionally.

Here as some words for your review page as we would highly recommend the service that you and Consultancy 4 Care gave us as a family.

Sally and Consultancy 4 Care’s service was invaluable at a time where we had no knowledge or guidance when faced with the realisation, we had to find Mum a specialist care home with speed.

Sally not only considers what is best for the family member needing a care solution – she considers what can and will work for the whole family too. She is very knowledgeable, listens and cares passionately and that helps make a difficult situation feel much better. As a family we are very happy to recommend Consultancy4Care without hesitation. Thank you for such a professional and caring service!
Peter.  Feb 2109

My Peace of mind, plus confidence has been restored by the advice and informaton I have recieved from Sally. It hs been so pleasant to acquire advice in my own home. To have personal assistance in finding suitable accomodation not only that, but to realise there is someone who can help you for many problems, such as form filling, computers, and just general paperwork is so welcome . Thank you.  Mrs MW Feb 2019

There are no words to express my gratitude to Sally Matthews for the care and understanding she provided when assisting me to find the right care home for my Mother. Sally was professional and efficient throughout and made a difficult decison so much easier. B Carter Dec 2018 

In August 2018 I was on a short visit to England from Western Australia where I live permanently. In that time, I had to resolve the unsustainable situation with both parents being over 90 and still in the family home. My father was absolutely worn out and his physical health deteriorating, and my mother mental unaware of the issues around here and who was who. Quite a shock to realise your mother does not know who you are!


My sister had previously highlighted the care home and Sally as the person to talk to. Sally grasped the situation and told me exactly what to do, who to contact and empowered me. When the family GP tried to delay and procrastinate Sally took hold of the phone call and emphasised the need to proceed immediately before a serious accident occurred at my parents’ home. In a matter of a few days my mother and father were assessed, and both placed into care providing exactly what was needed for each of them.


Sally is a doer! I am pleased to recommend her as a consultant in the age care space.


Julian Vearncombe   BSc PhD  FGS  FSEG  FAIG RPGeo

Sally was a great help to me when looking for permanent care for my mother. Planning to move a parent into care is an emotional experience as there are many factors to consider on thier behalf. This is at a time when they may be unable to apprieciate what is being done for them.

Sally helped by ensuring that the decisions, timing and the move to care were correctly made. I was able to move Mum inot the right home for her, so she has a much improved lifestyle compared to before. 

During the process, Sally was always open and friendly while maintaining a professional approach. This continued after Mum's move as Sally followed Mum's progress. A pleasure to work with! SJ Nov 2018

The Family were truly blessed when we found Sally, having to come to terms with the reality that I could no longer cope at home with my husband, I didn't know where to turn to find support, thankfully a friend recommended I contact Sally. 


Sally’s passion to find the best solution was so reassuring, Sally’s knowledge and guidance gave the family the confidence to trust Sally in finding the right home for my husband, ensuring he would be well cared for with dignity, respect and stimulation. The family no longer have sleepless nights but we all now look forward to spending quality time together when we visit my husband on a daily basis.


I would confidently recommend to anyone seeking a care solution to contact Consultancy 4 Care.

Mrs A Tedder Oct 2018