BRONZE. £500

 Advice from current situation:-


  1. Telephone consultation.
  2. Independent care process advice
  3. Paperwork advice
  4. Search advice for domicillary or

       Care home solution.

   5. Advice re Care Quality

       Commission and other monitoring



SILVER.  £1000

Bronze package plus:-


1. Face to face assessment with

    person or persons requiring the

    care package. To gain a true

    understanding of personalities   

    and later life wishes to achieve

    with care.


2. Contingency planning.  Respite,

    conversance or rehabilitation

    solution plan. "Step down

    bed" advice.


3.  Advice through the Hospital   

     discharge process.


4.  C4C will search and create a short

     list of 4-6 care solutions in the area

     of choice. looking at Care, Quality

     and Dignity . Matching personalities

     and wish lists.


5. Advice re transportation





GOLD.  £2000

Bronze, Silver packages plus: -


1.  Attending Best interest Meetings.


2.  Mental health team liaison -  

     Dementi awareness and support    



3.  Visiting, Liaising with Hospital

     staff and reporting to Power of  



4.  Ensuring Hospital stay is as  

     comfortable and stimulating as

     possible. Supply of toiletries and

     stimulation products. (Books,

     puzzles, iPad apps, magazines etc.)    

     timed visits (covid permitting)


5.  Over view of any proposed.

     contracts/Terms and conditions.


6.  SOLLA introduction - Importance of

     SOLLA accredited Financial Advisor


7.  Manging the discharge process


8.   One month review - A visit or call to

      review quality and care being



9.   Value added services, chiropody,  

     physiotherapy advice.


10.  Assistance with Attendance.  

      allowance forms


11. Mediator/Advocacy - Managing








Flexi extra to think about:-


1.  Holiday/vacation   

     monitoring - supply of   

     toiltetries or other      

     requirments to loved   

     one in care or isolated.  


2.  Ensuring welcome pack

    available on discharge.

    (Milk, bread, Jam, Butter

    etc) home care.


3.   Retrieve missing

      personal effects from   

      Hospital or respite     



4.  Companionship


5.  iPad lessons


6.  Mediator/Advocacy -

     Managing Care   

     providers and family



7.  Advice on Care home

     complaint procedures.


8. Attendance to care    

    home meetings on      

    behalf of families.

   costs to be discussed



Honesty, fairness and expectations - fees 

Being an open honest and transparent organisation, Consultancy 4 Care does need to pay the bills! So to pursue our passion of relieving you of any anxiety, stress or worries while giving you advice and support. A fee does need to be charged.

Consultancy 4 Care are passionate about the quality of service ensuring that everyones expectations are met.

We want to save you time, money, anxiety, stress, worry and trauma of finding the right care solution.

Due to every families needs and location being different, these amazing  consultancy packages are subject to additonal travel, sundries and stimulation costs.

Award winning advice when you need it most!

The award winning advice we provide is completely independent as we have no associations with any care providers.

Yes we refuse "back handers!" I'ts all about you and your loved ones finding the right care solution. 

Consultancy4Care only takes on 2 clients at anyone time to ensure the best service to clients. 


call now on 07756668884 or email Enquiries@Consultancy4care.com